2020 Last Order Dates For Pre-Christmas Delivery
Destination Service Last Order Date
UK Standard shipping Thursday December 17th
DHL Express Monday December 21st
Special Delivery Guaranteed Monday December 21st
Africa, Asia, Caribbean,
Central & South America, Middle East
Standard shipping Monday December 7th
DHL Express Monday December 14th
Canada, Cyprus, Malta Standard shipping Tuesday December 8th
DHL Express Monday December 14th
Greece, Eastern Europe (except Czech Republic,
Poland and Slovakia) and Turkey
Standard shipping Wednesday December 9th
DHL Express Monday December 14th
Australia, New Zealand Standard shipping Wednesday December 2nd
DHL Express Monday December 14th
Czech Republic, FInland, Italy,
Poland, Sweden
Standard shipping Wednesday December 11th
DHL Express Wednesday December 18th
USA, Czech Republic, Finland, Italy, Poland, Sweden Standard shipping Thursday December 10th
DHL Express Monday December 14th
Austria, Denmark, Germany, Iceland,
Netherlands, Norway, Portugal,
Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland
Standard shipping Monday December 14th
DHL Express Monday December 14th

Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg

Standard shipping Wednesday December 16th
DHL Express Monday December 14th