San Diego Comic Con 2018 - Day 1

This years ComicCon is a weird one.  No new Star Wars film at Christmas, Avengers already out and with Incredibles 2 on show at the minute means the headliners are not what you’d expect. 

We also need to talk about the elephant/wooly mammoth in the room.  We all know there’s a new Game of Thrones coming but they won’t be there either as the finishing touches are happening on Season 8.  Hold me. 

Having said all that, Nightflyers got its debut trailer and its from the same mind that got us GOT in George R R Martin. Its about as far from Winterfell as you can imagine but we like the look of it. 


A little bit closer to home – well, Yorkshire by the sounds of the accent – the new Doctor Who trailer dropped.  Its got something for everyone by the looks of it.  And by that we mean Bradley Walsh.


In news that no one was expecting, the Clone Wars series is making a come back

With the Breaking Bad team being in town for the 10th anniversary of the show at SDCC we hoped that they’d be getting the cooks back together somehow, someway. That didn’t happen but Gus looks like he’s cooking chicken again at least in this Better Call Saul S4 trailer:

To wrap up, there’s a new DC Titans trailer with added potty mouthed Robin.  It looks dark, brutal and we want to see more.

We’ll keep ‘em peeled over the next few days for more scoops and updates. 

Over and out,

The Geekstore Team