San Diego Comic Con Day 3

With more trailers than UPS and DHL combined, Day 3 of Comic Con was a big day.


Shazam! isn’t a poor mans sequel to The Social Network based on the famous song recognition app.  It actually looks like a lot of fun.

In news that will surprise no one, Disenchantment looks really funny. 

Aquaman is based in an under water Pandora looking Atlantis but actually with some LOL’s chucked in which is nice to see from the DC Universe.  We think he needs to work out a bit more as he’s not buff enough:

A Godzilla trailer which includes big scary monsters…. Who’d have thunk it?  This all leads up nicely to when he meets King Kong in the next film.  (Look it up.  Its happening).

There’s lots to take in for us Muggles in the latest Fantastic Beasts trailer.  This really looks like the Wizarding World gets darker and includes sections in Hogwarts and Deathly Hallows symbols in the final title sequence…. We say, yes please:


The Geekstore Team