San Diego Comic Con 2018 – Day 2

So we learnt yesterday that we’re saying goodbye to an old friend as Andrew Lincoln AKA Rick Grimes confirmed he’s leaving The Walking Dead in this next series:

But it wasn’t all bad news as we hear about Buffy coming back:

(although it doesn’t exactly give a lot away there!)

  1. Night Shyamalan is quite a divisive director with some high and lows in his career but it seems to be all together with Glass.  And it is literally that with Bruce Willis & Samuel L. Jackson from Unbreakable crossing paths with James McAvoy from Split. 

The fact that it includes Comic Book references and the actors that play Nick Fury and Professor X isn’t lost on us either.

Star Trek Discovery is back for a new season on Netflix and they couldn’t resist a link to Spock in this trailer for it:


The last season was well received and this one looks to pick up where it left of.  (We ignored the easy pun on it boldly going somewhere by the way!)

Today there is some new Steven Universe and Tomb Raider info lined up so we’ll be watching out later for what goes on.

Happy Monday!

The Geekstore Team